Communication and Language Support for Autistic Pupils - elearning

Communication and Language Support for Autistic Pupils - elearning

Communication and Language Support for Autistic Pupils - elearning


This course is also available via face-to-face training

Elklan's accredited course Communication and Language Support for Autistic Pupils provides useful strategies for supporting the development of communication skills for those working with autistic individuals within a social context. The materials and training resources embrace and use neurodiversity-affirming language. The course incorporates consideration of how autistic people may develop language and how any differences in communication can be affirmed. The importance of shifting away from the prescriptive teaching of social skills is recognised. Advice is given to always value the individual's views and needs, e.g. a key message is to explore how the wider school environment may provide opportunities for autistic pupils with shared interests to have opportunities for positive interaction.

Face-to-Face Training
Online Training

£370* plus VAT per person.
* Price will increase to £380 plus VAT for courses commencing after 1st August 2024

e-learning sessions for ASD [10 session]
Online Non-Accredited e-learning

£250* for 12 weeks' access.
* This will increase to £260 from 1st August 2024

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What is communication and where does ASD fit?
Sensory integration
Understanding NVC, developing attention and using structure
Using visuals
Developing vocabulary, sequencing and narrative skills
Understanding beyond simple sentences and Blank
Developing interaction
Developing pragmatic skills
Behaviour is communication
Making sense of it all

Available courses

Accredited Online Training

Further training opportunities

Let's Talk courses for parents and carers

If you achieve a level 3 qualification in Communication and Language Support for Autistic Pupils, you can train to deliver Let's Talk Together to parents and carers of children with speech and language needs in your school. Following a one-day course, you'll be qualified as a Let's Talk Tutor, able to cascade the Let's Talk course under licence.

Communication Friendly Settings (CFS)

Communication and Language Support for Autistic Pupils is an essential first step for your school to achieve Communication Friendly Setting status. If you are a TA, you need to complete the level 3 qualification; if you are a teacher, then you can access the non-accredited e-learning sessions, which will prepare you to complete a level 4 learning log at the next stage.

Specialist Courses

These courses are ideally suited for you if you have completed an eight- or ten-session core course and wish to take your learning further.

Supporting Autistic Pupils' Communication
Supporting Children with Unclear Speech
Supporting Children and Adults using AAC
Supporting Social, Emotional and Mental Health of Children and Young People

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