Sound Builders, from Elklan

Individualised, four-stage programmes to help parents and school staff support children with unclear speech

A new product from Elklan for those supporting children with speech sound difficulties.

How it works


Before using a Sound Builders programme, a child with unclear speech should have an assessment carried out by a qualified Speech and Language Therapist registered with the Health and Care Professional Council (HCPC) within the past 6 months to check that Sound Builders is appropriate. (See terms and conditions)

If you would like an assessment carried out remotely by Elklan, click here.

Terms and Conditions

Use of Sound Builders is subject to our terms and conditions which must be read by all users of Sound Builders.

Sound Builders Programmes

Each programme is made up of four stages, which will be downloaded as separate PDF files. Parents, TAs and teachers can use the programme and picture resources straight away. Speech and Language Therapist, please use the programme yourself or give/email each stage separately to the school or parent, and not all at once unless this is appropriate.

Full details on using Sound Builders can be found found in the terms and conditions.

Purchasers (including parents and schools) who don’t have access to a Speech and Language Therapist to determine which sounds to start working on, please request an assessment from Elklan.

Stage 1: Listening to and Articulaing Speech Sounds. Stage 2: Thinking about Speech Sounds in Words. Stage 3: Using Speech Sounds in Words. Stage 4: Using Speech Sounds when Talking in Sentences.

Programmes available

Speech sounds are categorised in different groups e.g. plosive or fricative sounds:

s blends
l blends

e.g. p b = Child is using a ‘b’ instead of a ‘p’ sound at the beginning of their words


  • Emphasis on listening to sounds
  • Clear guidance indicating readiness for the next stage
  • Colour photos included, graded from simple to multi-syllabic words
  • Child's own name inserted
  • Print off and / or email to parents and schools
  • Programmes can be purchased individually, or subscribe and save up to 72% per programme per child
  • Supporting Children with Unclear SpeechSupported by the new e-learning course Supporting Children with Unclear Speech

Free sample

Download a free sample copy of the complete Sound Builders s  d programme, stages 1-4.

Download a sample programme


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Downloading one complete programme (four stages) for use one named child only = 1 credit

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Credits must be used within the monthly billing period - unused credits cannot be carried over

Purchase programmes

Individual, complete programmes are available for purchase at £4.00 plus VAT. No subscription required.
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Downloading one complete programme (all four stages) for use one named child only = £4.00 plus VAT

Use of Elklan Sound Builders is subject to our Terms and Conditions.