Training for Schools and Settings

Training for Schools and Settings

Training for Schools and Settings

Elklan offers tailored accredited training programmes for the whole school or setting to become Communication Friendly Settings. Now childminders and foster carers can become Communication Friendly Home-Based Settings too.

It is also possible to commission Elklan to deliver training to your staff in any of the full range of Elklan's externally accredited training courses.

Communication Friendly Home-Based Settings (CFHBS) NEW

An opportunity for childminders and foster carers.

Education Endowment Foundation
As part of the Department of Education’s Early Years Recovery Programme, certain Stronger Practice Hubs (SPHs) and the EEF are working together to fund childminders' access to Elklan’s Communication Friendly Home-Based Settings programme.

Communication Friendly Settings (CFS)

Become an environment which supports the communication and language development of all children by completing Elklan’s Communication Friendly Settings programme (CFS).

CFS is Elklan’s fastest growing training programme which has the largest impact on both the staff and the children within your setting. The process begins with a select number of your staff completing Elklan’s acclaimed 10-week course, Speech and Language Support (SLS). This course explores the complex subject of speech, language and communication development in children and young people and gives participants practical knowledge and skills to support children with speech, language and communication needs.

The core messages and strategies from the SLS course are then cascaded to the whole staff team in your setting (or English and SEN departments for Secondary CFS) by those who completed the SLS course. The SLS participants delivering the cascade are known as Lead Communication Practitioners (LCPs). The cascade involves five bite-sized sessions called Communication Counts. This short course gives the key methods and strategies of the SLS course to all the staff. Elklan will provide everything you need including the full support and mentoring of an Elklan Tutor during your delivery of Communication Counts.

At the end of the cascade, the LCPs receive a Level 4 accreditation and your setting is accredited as ‘Communication Friendly’. Your staff are now equipped with the knowledge, skills and strategies to create a setting that enhances and develops children’s communication, creating a rich learning environment for all and supporting children who have communication needs.

Elklan’s CFS programme has been created for four types of settings. Select the most suitable to begin your journey:

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Renewal of CFS status

Find out how to renew your setting's CFS status and book a place on a Q&A webinar for settings interested in renewing their CFS status.

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Accredited Settings

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Commission training

Elklan works by training local speech and language therapists (SaLT) and specialist teachers to work collaboratively together to train the wider workforce in their locality. Where collaborative working is unavailable, the SaLT delivers the courses on her own.

Using local tutors ensures that the training supports the work of the local SaLT service and ensures continuity between what is taught and service delivery. It encourages the development of local networks and builds the relationship between the schools and the specialist advisory services.

Where a local Elklan tutor is unavailable, Elklan can supply a tutor to teach the courses. They can train your staff on the full range of Elklan externally accredited training courses as well as providing inset days and twilight sessions.

A minimum of 10 participants is required to run a course. This can be staff from one setting or across several settings within an area. To discuss bespoke inset training for your setting, please contact us.

We welcome enquiries from academy chains and groups of schools. Please contact us to arrange training.

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