Supporting Autistic Pupils' Communication

Supporting Autistic Pupils' Communication

Supporting Autistic Pupils' Communication


Elklan's 5-session accredited course Supporting Autistic Pupils’ Communication is offered to those who have completed one of Elklan’s core courses. It is an opportunity for practitioners who have completed a course about SLCN and who want more specialist information about supporting autistic pupils with their language and communication.

The materials and training resources embrace and use neurodiversity-affirming language. The course incorporates consideration of how autistic people may develop language and how differences in communication can be affirmed.

Written as an additional module, you must have completed and gained accreditation on an Elklan core course before attending this training. (If you haven't completed a Elklan core course, please see the ten-session course Communication and Language Support for Autistic Pupils.)

Face-to-Face Training
Online Training

£270 plus VAT per person.

Face-to-Face Training
Face-to-Face Training

£340 plus VAT per person.

e-learning sessions for ASD [5 Session]
Online Non-Accredited e-learning

£150 for 8 weeks' access.

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1. What is communication and where does ASD fit?
2. Sensory integration
3. Understanding the role of NVC and importance of structure
4. Developing interaction
5. Behaviour is communication

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