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Teddy Talk Test

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A speech and language assessment for children aged 18 months to 5 years.

Developed by Jo Darters, Speech and Language Therapist.

What is it?

The Teddy Talk Test is simple to use and quick to administer.

It can be used to check whether or not an English speaking child of five years old or under is on track with their speech and language development.

It helps Early Years professionals decide whether to refer a child for Speech and Language Therapy.

It links to the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) curriculum and is helpful when completing the EYFS progress check at age 2;0, as well as the EYFS profile at 5;0.

It is an invaluable screening tool for Speech and Language Therapists

What does it consist of?

  • The Teddy Talk Test consists of a colourful, wipe clean drawstring bag, a 36-page instruction booklet, 8 objects, 6 action pictures and 6 'Talk-about' pictures.
  • The items have been carefully chosen to be familiar and interesting enough to engage young children but not so interesting as to distract them too much.
  • The pictures have been created to appeal to young children and to provide plenty of opportunity for evaluating a child's vocabulary and ability to construct simple sentences.
  • The booklet contains everything you need to know about how to do the Teddy Talk Test, including a photocopiable Record Form and Summary sheet.
  • The Summary sheet enables a profile of the child's skills to be created with regards to 4 main areas:
    1. play and social skills,
    2. understanding of spoken language,
    3. talking and communication
    4. speech sound development.

Who can use it?

  • Any care giving adult or Early Years Professional interested in monitoring children’s communication skills.

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Jo T
17th April 2019

"Pick it up and Go!"

As a Speech and Language Therapist I found this little test the only bit of " kit" I needed to take with me for one off visits to homes and nurseries, to see children at the pre referral stage.

It is practical and user friendly. It has well chosen real objects that the children always want to get their hands on, a useful instruction booklet and a clear, easy to complete and read record sheet.

It can be used to gain a quick indication of a child's level of understanding and often in addition, to collect a useful expressive language sample.

It is a superb tool for starting a conversation about language generally or about a particular child's progress with speech and language development.

Emily Farrow
17th April 2019

Teddy Talk Test is perfect to use as a quick screening tool with Early Years children. Receptive language, expressive language and speech sounds can all be reviewed within 10 minutes which is great for those children who struggle with attention and concentration. The resources accompanying the Teddy Talk Test are lovely and engaging for small children, this allows therapists to also observe symbolic play skills. Overall a great tool to have when working with early years.

Amy, SLT
21st March 2019

Teddy Talk Test is the best informal assessment kit I have used with preschool aged children. It uses visual, appealing, everyday items and photographs that grab the children's attention, all prepared in one 'go to' bag. The guidance for use and the instructions during the testing are easy to follow, especially when trying to maintain the focus of a preschool child. It gives a baseline of receptive language which really helps with levels of intervention. I would absolutely recommend.

Helen, SLT
21st March 2019

The Teddy Talk Test is a fantastic screening tool for children’s receptive and expressive language. It is easy to administer and with comprehensive instructions anyone can use it. As a play-based assessment, it really engages the child. The pictures are clear and modern and the ‘talk about’ pictures incorporate items from the test. It is highly portable and with simple items and pictures, there is a lot that can be achieved using the TTT, making it really versatile. I would highly recommend this for anyone working with Early Years children.