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Talking Time

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An evidence-based resource to develop early language skills.

Talking Time was devised at the Institute of Education London in collaboration with schools and pupils in Tower Hamlets. The project was devised by Julie Dockrell and Morag Stuart at the Institute of Education, London. Diane King was the senior research officer on the project.

Talking Time is an evidence-based resource that can support staff in developing early language skills. The materials have been tried and tested in Tower Hamlets nurseries and have been shown to be effective. They provide staff with tools to be used flexibly in contexts where, for whatever reason, children may be struggling with speaking and understanding language.

The resource contains the following:

  • Teacher Handbook: A 31 page booklet of simple ideas which are carefully explained with examples and colour photographs. Topics covered include:
    • Introduction
    • Supporting vocabulary development
    • Encouraging skills of inference through Story Talk
    • Developing narrative skills through effective questioning and using picture sequences (hexagon resources)
  • Talking Time video: A video of examples of good practice in settings in Tower Hamlets. Talk over provided by Professor Julie Dockrell
  • Hexagon Resources: 10 sets of colour photographs providing a total of 80 pictures to develop narrative skills. Topics include:
    • At school (8 photos)
    • Baking biscuits (13 photos)
    • Dropping oranges (6 photos)
    • Eating ice-cream (3 photos)
    • Eid party (7 photos)
    • Going to school (11 photos)
    • Losing toy plane (6 photos)
    • Shopping (12 photos)
    • Swing Fall (6 photos)
    • Visiting the doctor (8 photos)

Includes booklet, DVD and CD all in a plastic wallet.

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