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Susie Spins - e-book sample image

Susie Spins - e-book

5 out of 5 based on 8 reviews


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Susie Spins provides information in the form of a story to enable therapists and teachers to help children in their class to understand their autistic peers. The book is most suitable for pre-school and children aged 5-7 (Key Stage 1).

Susie Spins is written by a parent to enable other parents to share with their child to help them better understand Autism. It’s useful for relatives to read too!

Emma, the author and mother of children with ASD, says

“I hope that this book shows how Susie has the same hobbies, passions and dreams as any other child. The other children may be different to Susie but Susie is not and never should be perceived as less!”

The story has 18 colourful pages.

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Roxanne Roche
27th May 2021

This book is amazing! My daughter (10) absolutely loved it and related so much. We enjoy reading this a lot 🥰

Kelly Hart
13th March 2021

My daughter loves this book. I recently found it in her bed along with her weighted blanket. She's become more comfortable being herself since reading this book.

Tiffany Ambrose
26th July 2020

Was a great book to help one understand Autism from a child's perspective.

Kirsty Smith
14th April 2020

Absolutely brilliant. I’m autistic and so are 2 of my daughters. My eldest daughter has even brought it into school to read for her class whilst advocating for her twin sisters and I. A lovely read.