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Playing Games with 'S' sample image
Playing Games with 'S' sample image
Playing Games with 'S' sample image
Playing Games with 'S' sample image

Playing Games with 'S'

5 out of 5 based on 3 reviews

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By Lucy Sanctuary.

Fed up with old ‘S’ pictures?

New pictures, different games for new inspiration with ‘S’

Ideal for older children with severe speech difficulties

For home and school use

Individual children or small groups

Playing Games with ‘S’ is ideal for the child who has tried available resources but needs something different, something new.

Playing Games with ‘S’ uses games such as:

  • Happy Families
  • Go Fish!
  • Shopping
  • Pack a suitcase
  • Noughts and crosses
  • Charades 

to provide lots of extra practice.

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Rhiannan Walton
4th March 2016

This is a comprehensive resource speech and language therapists can recommend to parents or school staff to support the generalisation of 's' from words to conversation. The book contains detailed instructions about how to play each game, as well as how to prompt children and how to encourage them. The hand drawn, coloured pictures are visually appealing, and with 15 games there is something for everyone.

Judy Avery
19th February 2016

As a Speech & Language Therapist, I would recommend this book to Speech & Language Therapists, parents and teaching staff working with children requiring games and activities to help say the speech sound ‘s’. The rational for the resource is clearly explained with guidelines how to use it at home and at school. The games and activities are fun with excellent ‘rewards’ for winning and achieving success with the sound‘s’. The line drawings are humorous and colourful. It is very useful that each game has simple instructions and all the pictures are photocopiable. I have used this book to help children establish the sound ‘s’ in their everyday talking and have had excellent feedback from parents, teaching staff and, most importantly, happy children.

Helen and Elizabeth
16th February 2016

This book has great ideas for working at sentence level and generalisation of the "s" sound in all word positions. Clear and concise instructions about what stopping is and how to help your child make the "s" sound. These would be great to leave with parents and schools. Lots of premade games with colour pictures on a CD