Colourful Stories

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By Liz Elks and Henrietta McLachlan.

Now available exclusively as a digital edition, comprising an 11 page e-book manual, demonstration video and printable game parts.

Once purchased you will be sent a hard copy of the manual and you will be given access to the digital resources.

Colourful Stories is a visual support strategy which helps children to learn about the structure of stories and become more confident about telling and writing stories.  Colourful Stories encourages oral narrative sills and introduces written words only when the child is confident about the structure of a story and how to tell a story orally.

Colourful Stories consists of:

  • Digital online access to the e-book manual and printable card files and story board.
  • Coloured cards - there are 6 to represent the different parts of a story
  • Story Board
  • Picture sequencing cards

This is an effective strategy if used as a whole school approach starting at The Foundation Stage.  At this stage, Colourful Stories would be used as a whole class approach. It also lends itself to small group or individual support.  At Key Stage 2 many children can write stories independently but others may need additional support; Colourful Stories can be used to differentiate the activity.  Colourful Stories is easy to use and can be explained to parents so that parents and supporting adults can use it 1:1 with specific children.

What do practitioners say?
  • [Colourful stories] kept the children focussed.
  • It provided a structure for them to retell a story, therefore they were more likely to sequence the story correctly and less likely to leave parts out.
  • It made them more confident in telling the story.
  • It helped the children work more independently on the written activity since they could complete the task one step at a time.
  • ALL children were engaged in both the oral and written activities based around the story using this resource.
a Year 1 (P2) teacher, January 2016

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