Renew Elklan licences by invoice

Thank you for choosing to renew Elklan licences by invoice.

Individuals are only eligible to hold renewed Elklan Tutor and Co-Tutors licences if they have successfully completed an Elklan TTP or STP course and have previously held a valid licence of the type being renewed.

Licences are valid for one year from the date of application.

For licences from 1st August 2021, the following prices apply:

An administration charge of £20.00 plus VAT per invoice will be applied. This page will calculate the total cost of licences plus the administration charge automatically for you.

Where licences have lapsed a re-registration fee of £25 plus VAT per licence applies.

You must ensure that the tutor(s) and/or co-tutor(s) for whose licences you are applying to renew have read the terms and conditions of our Licence Agreement:

Elklan Licence Agreement (last updated 26th Feb 2021)

Do you require a formal request for your finance or procurement department? If so, please click the following button to let us know. The purchase order number you state below will appear on your invoice.

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Please note: this amount is calculated automatically based on the types of licences you have selected. In the event of an error, Elklan Training Ltd reserves the right to charge the correct amount for the licences you are renewing, as set out at the top of this page. Additional re-registration fees of £25 plus VAT per licence will apply where licences have lapsed, and are not included in the total shown below