Welcome back, Parents!

We've survived the first week back at school after the holiday whirlwind, and Elklan is here with a guide to keep the positive vibes flowing and how to continue supporting speech, language, and communication at home.

1. Check-In Conversations

Take a moment to chat with your child about their first week back. It's a great way to address any concerns, celebrate successes, and keep those communication channels wide open.

2. Share Highlights

Encourage your child to share their favourite moments from the first week. This not only builds storytelling skills but also strengthens their ability to express themselves.

3. Reinforce Reading Habits

Keep the reading vibes alive! Whether a quick bedtime story or discussing a news article, reading together remains a powerful tool for language development.

4. Learning Games

Continue making learning fun! Educational games, word challenges, or interactive puzzles are fantastic tools to reinforce speech and language skills at home.

5. Supportive Home Environment

Maintain a language-rich atmosphere at home. Little things like labelling items or using descriptive language make a big difference.

6. Keep the Teacher Loop Open

Stay connected with teachers. A quick check-in can provide valuable insights into your child's progress and any areas that might need extra attention.

7. Celebrate Weekly Wins

Acknowledge the successes of the first week. Celebrating these small victories boosts confidence and sets a positive tone for the rest of the term.

8. Explore Creative Expression

Encourage your child's creativity as a means of communication. Whether through drawing, writing, or crafting, providing outlets for creative expression fosters language development and allows them to convey thoughts and emotions in diverse ways.

With Elklan's support and your active involvement, your child is ready to excel in the upcoming term!