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Training Pack

Equipping level 3 Elklan-trained practitioners and parents to deliver our course for parents or carers of primary school-aged children, Let's Talk with 5-11s.

Who can apply?

This Training Pack is for SaLT assistants, early years practitioners, teaching assistants, teachers, psychologists and parents who have succesfully completed Speech and Language Support for 5-11s at level 3 within the past three years.

In addition, applicants must evidence:

Parents are also encouraged to apply - please contact us to confirm eligibility.

How is it delivered?

In typical times we offer both face-to-face and online training. Both cover the same superb content and are taught by Heather Price, a highly experienced speech and language therapist and Elklan tutor. Currently, only online training is available.

Face-to-Face Training
Face-to-Face Training

Training takes place on one day and is delivered at two venues in the UK, London and Manchester.

If you'd like to commission Elklan to deliver face-to-face training for your local staff, please get in touch.

Online Training
Online Training

Our online training is completed over two 2.5- to 3-hour webinars. You'll be expected to read the manual to prepare for the webinar.

What does it cost? What's included?

This Let's Talk Training Pack costs £235.00 plus VAT per person, to include:

Training from a highly specialist and experienced Elklan tutor covering the course content of Let's Talk with 5-11s

A complete training manual with all the information you need to deliver the accredited course Let's Talk with 5-11s

Support to mark and assess learners' work

Access to the Let's Talk Tutors' Area on our website and training on how to manage and run Elklan accredited training programmes

Ongoing support from our team before, during and after you deliver Elklan training

Once you are an Elklan Let’s Talk Tutor you are welcome to deliver Let's Talk with 5-11s. You will be able to charge parents for attending a course that you deliver. Every course participant must buy a copy of the Let's Talk with 5-11s workbook. This costs £15. All that Elklan requests is payment for workbooks and payment of accreditation fees if any participants want to gain accreditation. There is an annual Let’s Talk Tutor license fee of £23 plus VAT. Your first year’s fee is included in the Let’s Talk Training Pack arranged by Elklan, but not if training is received locally. All the rest of the income is yours!

You will be able to advertise your course on the Elklan website and we have flyers for you to download or buy to promote your courses. You will also be entitled to use our Elklan logo on your letter heading, your own website and other promotional material (e.g. Facebook).

How do I apply?

Parents are encouraged to contact us to confirm their eligibility before applying.

Click a button to apply for your chosen Training Pack. We look forward to welcoming you soon.

Online Training

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Elklan Licence Agreement (last updated 26th Feb 2021)